Fissures in the Harbour of Knowledge
Performative research and walk. Ruhr University, Bochum (DE)
TANZ MACHT RAUM – RAUM MACHT TANZ, Symposium 25 April 2009

For one week urban (col)laboratory participated in research involving performative actions and questionnaires with students, alongside official histories of the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) including the architect’s original concept for the masterplan and a published interview with the architect professor Helmut Hentrich. Since its construction in 1962 the image of the RUB has changed from modern to depressive to monumental. Yet there are gaps in this monumental presence. Our performative walk used the spaces of the university to explore the interactions of memories, practices and place alongside inviting the audience to take part in playful and performative gestures that build on existing fissures to find potential moments of play and imagination in order to disrupt, challenge and create new places – new spaces to speak and act from.