Walking through Walls: Stadttheater Bremerhaven 2011/12
Language: German
In co-production with: Stadttheater Bremerhaven
Dramaturgy: Natalie Diriemeyer
Voice: Sascha Maria Icks
Idea/Concept/Text: Helen Stratford & Diana Wesser
Realisation: Diana Wesser
Sound: Peter Heinitz & Jürgen Häberer.

Walking through Walls: Leipzig 2010
Language: German
In co-production with: Centraltheater Leipzig
Dramaturgy: Anja Nioduschewski
Voice: Lore Richter
Assistance text: Claudia Klischat
Sound: Udo Schulze

Special thanks to: Stephanie Buchnat, Bianca Hessel, Carola Thamm, Werner Stiefel, Angelika Georgi, Evelyn Ansorge, the dressers, the cleaners, Ute Markow, Michael Stanitzek, Ingrid Stumpf and all the others who provided us an insight in their every day at the Centraltheater, as well as Nick Cheek, Franziska H. Frank and Lea Wernitz for valuable contributions.