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    Journal of Media Practice Vol.8 Issue.3 Dec 2007
Walking through walls Centraltheater Leipzig : comments book

“‘Walking through walls’ – a wonderful idea – i’ve seen the well-known rooms old and new!”

“A wonderful disorientation of rooms and doorways. There was a great curiosity to open all the doors to see what happened behind them during the day. Oneself is haunting this place like a ghost and has left a piece of oneself there. It’s shrouded in fog. From today on i’ll enter the building differently than even yesterday ”

“Very, very brilliant! Sometimes even a bit “scary” so alone in the abandoned theatre. Very amazing impressions, i didn’t know the club is that close! Makes me pensive about time, people, coming and going ...’

“Great work to all of us – poetic!!! ... Should be repeated.”

“A loving work about our house and the ‘ghosts’ that are working and living here! A present to our theatre.”

“A very nice idea to experience the theatre from a very different, personal side.