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A DAY WITH A DUCK in Infrastructural Love: Caring for our Architectural Support Systems Frichot, H., Frykholm, H., Carbonell Rabassa, A. and Karami, S. eds., Birkhäuser: Basel 2022.

COLLECTIVE PERFORMING in Movement for Public Speech Lovšin P. ed., Museum and Galleries of City of Ljubljana: Ljubljana 2001

THE DAY OF THE DUCK (bookwork) in collaboration with Lawrence Bradby, Marmalade, London 2012. This 'Duck Noir' novel explores notions of Englishness and social conventions of public space. Selected by a-n as one of the 10 best artists' books of 2018.

FLORA & FAUNA FIELD NOTES (bookwork) documenting Flora & Fauna Tours commission, Yorkshire Artspace 2015
MECHANICAL OPERATIONS IN CAMBOURNE (bookwork) in collaboration with Lawrence Bradby, Marmalade , London 2009.

IN-BETWEEN HOUSE AND HOME in Verhaktene Beredsamkeit? Politik, Pathos und Philosophie der Geste, Darian, V. ed., Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main 2010.
FORM TRANS INFORM: the ‘poetic’ resistance in architecture ARQ 2008.
MICRO-STRATEGIES in Altering Practices: Feminist Politics and Poetics of Space Petrescu, D. ed., Routledge, London 2007.
UNPLEASANT MATTERS in Material Matters: Materiality in Architectural Practice & Theory Lloyd-Thomas, K ed., Routledge, London 2006.
COLLECTIVE ASSEMBLAGES in Recoveries and Reclamations
Rugg, J. & Hinchcliffe, D. eds. Intellect Books, 2002.