Do you believe in time travel? One of your fellow time travellers believes: “time is not passing. You are passing through time.”

‘Intervals’ was an audio-led time travel into the past and the future of Copenhagen that took place in three different metro stations at the same time. Two different audio files (future and past) with stories and instructions were only available for 24 hours before the flashmob began. The audience met up at a metro station with the flashmob performance soundtrack on their own mp3 player or smartphone and started it exactly at 7pm. Both groups were guided individually, keeping them invisible from each other and the general public for most of the time, but occasionally creating visible group images. For participants, it was also an invitation to observe the scene around them in a new light. In the end the two groups were invited to meet, talk and exchange their experiences.

The two texts were written in collaboration with people who have ideas or notions about Copenhagen. Based on interviews with people about their personal memories and future visions of the city the performance walk explored how everyday ways of living in Copenhagen have changed and asked how will it be in the future? What are and were the plans, the desired designs and what spatial identities do they foster? In this flashmob performance, the present is infected by past dreams and future visions.